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The proven, patented online nutrition system and wellness app for creating and sustaining your very best body for life at your own pace.

Get the "Wellness Edge"

Let's talk about you...

You are healthy and active but have hit a stubborn plateau you can't break through, or you've developed some symptoms such as excess fat, gut problems, brain fog or fatigue that you want to eliminate for good.
You are fully committed to being as healthy, fit and youthful as possible every day of your life, and you have learned that "quick fix" fads and gimmicks are not a winning strategy.
​​​You want nutrition guidance that doesn't cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, but still gives you the knowledge, skills, tools, guidance and support to achieve and sustain lifelong whole-body health. 

Crack Your Bioindividual Nutrition Code

Creating your very best body for life hinges on your lifestyle habits, and healthy eating is at the top of the lifestyle "food chain." Of course! We eat everyday, multiple times a day, and the cumulative effect of our choices is profound!

All Star

I lost 60 pounds, my acid reflux is gone, and my asthma and allergies are almost nonexistent ...

I feel truly liberated!  (read more)


--Dora B.

Creating your very best body for life hinges on your lifestyle habits, and healthy eating is at the top of the lifestyle "food chain." Of course! We eat everyday, multiple times a day, and the cumulative effect of our choices is profound!

Yet there is so much confusion around what constitutes "healthy eating" and how to crack the nutrition code. Why?

Because nutrition is highly bioindividual -- cookie cutter fads and gimmicks throw you off course and keep you from achieving the incredible wellness edge that is yours for the taking when you crack the code to healthy eating FOR YOUR UNIQUE METABOLIC NEEDS.
Imagine the freedom of having absolute confidence in knowing that
what you eat is right in every way to look and feel your healthiest for life...

The Patented MyBestBody System

science based.png
MyBestBody is a completely innovative approach to whole-body health based on science-backed holistic principles that fuses the convenience of an online platform with tools and resources that are customized to your unique metabolic needs. That's a powerful combination!
The MyBestBody Wellness App is unique -- you won't find its patented portions system, customized Portions Profile, and focused, streamlined functionality anywhere else. And it's so easy to learn and use!

MyBestBody has four major components:
The App Functions
  • Patented Portions system

  • One-click food tracking

  • Custom progress tracking

  • Recipe creator

Your Body Type Blueprint
  • Eat for your specific body type

  • Know your power foods, trigger foods, and specific macronutrient balance

Eat2Heal Video Tutorials
  • The ABCs of healthy eating

  • Advanced wellness topics

  • MyBestBody App tutorials

  • How to "healthify" any meal

Live Support
  • Weekly live zoom group coaching sessions 

  • Special Members Only Private Facebook page

CLICK HERE to learn more

CLICK HERE to learn more

CLICK HERE to learn more

All Star

After only five months, I'm no longer prediabetic ... I can't tell you how happy I am to have regained my health ... highly recommend!   (read more)

--Rick G.

1.  The App Functions

Portion management
How many times have you asked yourself...
      HOW MUCH fat, carbs and protein do I need?
      WHAT KINDS of fat, carbs and protein should I be eating?
      HOW MANY veggies do I need, really?
      HOW MANY and WHAT 
fluids should I drink every day?
Don't guess!
The App creates a customized "Portions Profile" just for you from a patented system that tells you how much of what to eat, and in what combinations. 
Track your food
There are thousands of apps that track your food because tracking is important. But most tracking apps have very limited functionality and are cumbersome to use.

Not MyBestBody. You can add full meals with just one click!

When you add food you ate in the App, the App calculates the portions and adds them to your Portions Profile.

Adding what you ate to your Portions Profile gives you real-time feedback on how you are using your portions and teaches you how to eat in a balanced way that supports and sustains your  very best body for life.
Track your progress
Tracking your progress is essential so you clearly understand your trajectory toward meeting your goals. MyBestBody makes tracking easy, with both built-in and customizable tracking metrics. You can create a metric to track anything! 

Do you want to eliminate a bad habit? Integrate a good habit? Track them both. Tracking gives you a sense of ownership and makes you feel both excited and empowered that you CAN and WILL meet your goals.

Recipe Creator and Recipe Bank
The Recipe Creator is a streamlining efficiency builder that enables you to create easy recipes for frequently eaten meals, and add the whole meal to your Portions Profile with one click. What if you eat a meal with 8 foods? When you eat that meal, you add it to your Portions Profile with one click, not eight.

You can also download delicious, balanced recipes with the ingredients and portions preloaded from the Recipe Bank.

All Star

MyBestBody has had a profound impact on me ... I started to notice immediate changes ... enthusiastically recommend!  (read more)

--Gary P.

2.  Your Body Type Blueprint

Did you know you can eat 100% healthy food and still not reach your wellness goals? In fact, you could have multiple unpleasant chronic symptoms, such as gut, skin, energy or weight problems. How?

Part of your bioindividuality is your body type.  Body types aren't new -- they have been used for thousands of years, like the doshas in Ayurveda and the five elements in Chinese medicine.

So... even if you're eating 100% heathy food, if you're not eating according to the needs of your specific body type, you could nonetheless develop health problems and be completely perplexed as to why.

MyBestBody uses a 4-body-type system.
Each body type has both health-building power foods and health-diminishing trigger foods as well as a unique macronutrient balance. Your Body Type Blueprint includes all of this, and much more!

As you use MyBestBody, you will become an expert at what your body type likes and needs to achieve and sustain peak performance.

3.  The Eat2Heal Video Tutorials

There are mountains of nutrition myths and misinformation, fads and gimmicks on the market based on unsound and even dangerously wrong principles.

Outright junk food is easy enough to spot, but what about junk food "dressed up" as healthy food? Many food companies are experts at positioning and promoting junk food as healthy.

Even if you have a very good lay-person's knowledge, you can easily make mistakes. 

The Eat2Heal Video Tutorials teach you true holistic nutrition principles so you will be empowered with the knowledge to make healthy choices
wherever you are, AND how to "healthify" your favorite meals and snacks so you always eat the foods you love. 
eat2heal video image.png

All Star

Life changing! ... MyBestBody helped me overcome a lifelong sugar addiction, and I lost 20 pounds ... highly recommend.  (read more)

--Cynthia V.

4.  Live Support

What is more annoying than using an online system and being referred to a "help" page where you are forced to search for the answer to your problem?

In MyBestBody, you will never be marooned in "help page hell"! We have weekly live zoom group coaching sessions with Aileen (see the About page), where you can ask questions, see live demos of the App functions and get lessons on important wellness topics.

In between zooms, use the the MyBestBody Members Only private Facebook page to ask questions, watch helpful videos and demos, and tune into Facebook Lives.

All Star

I have learned to eat to live, and to live at a higher quality of life ... highly recommend!  (read more)

--Stephanie H.

Become a MyBestBody Member and Get The Wellness Edge!

Welcome to MyBestBody and your next healthy chapter! Start creating your Wellness Edge in minutes! It's easy to become a member. Just click on the button below and sign up.

Let's recap what you get with your membership:
Your customized "Portions Profile," which tells you how much of what to eat for your unique needs,
Your customized Food List, which includes your Power Foods and Trigger Foods,
Your Body Type Blueprint, which explains your metabolic body type and provide guidelines for eating,
The Eat2Heal Video Series, which teaches you how to make food healthy choices easily and automatically,
A complete system for "healthifying" your favorite meals, so you always eat the foods you love.
The patented MyBestBody Wellness App, which enables you to 1) log and track your food and progress with ease, including logging full meals with one click, 2) create meals and snacks perfectly balanced to your unique needs, and 3) download delicious healing recipes from the Recipe Bank,
Weekly Zoom group sessions and private Facebook page for Q&A and demos, and to feel connected, and

A completely doable program where YOU are in control. Dive in or make small changes a little at a time -- you set your pace and seal your success.

One-time $99 join fee
Cancel anytime


Welcome to

Take note: MyBestBody does not guarantee any particular results. Your results depend on whether the illnesses or symptoms you seek to eliminate or reduce are in fact food-related (as opposed to genetic or the result of other environmental factors), as well on as how much effort you put into following the program and consistently applying the principles and completing the action items.

2023 MyBestBody LLC

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