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Junk Food Dressed Up As Healthy Food

These foods are junk, but they are "dressed up" by their manufacturers as healthy. Some may have a very few healthy versions, but these are the exception and not the rule.

How many are you eating?

Eliminate these, and you will take a very large step in truly "healthifying" your diet.

Protein shakes
Protein powders
Protein bars
Protein cookies
Granola and granola bars
Fruit juice
Fruit rolls
Fruit smoothies
Veggie chips
"Baked" chips
Olive oil popcorn

Plant-based meats (burgers, chicken patties, deli slices, etc.)

Sweet and salty popcorn
Salted roasted nuts
Frozen yogurt
Sweetened fruit yogurt

"Multi-grain" bread/crackers

Energy drinks
Sweet and sour dishes
"Fat-free" whipped topping
Plant-based butter substitute

Imagine the freedom of having absolute confidence in knowing that
what you eat is right in every way to look and feel your healthiest for life...

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