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3 Ultra-High-Return Practices to Break Through Plateaus

  1. Eat according to your Body Type. Body typing systems, like those used in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, have been used for millennia. You have a specific metabolic body type that has specific power foods and trigger foods. 

  2. Eat according to your Proper Balance. Your body type has a specific proper balance. In general, your body type will either favor higher quantities of carbs relative to fat, or higher quantities of fat relative to carbs.

  3. Eat according to your Portions Profile. It's not enough to eat healthy food. You must know how much of what to eat for your unique metabolic needs, and in what combinations. You have a specific "Portions Profile" that tells you this.

   If you are not following these critical practices, you will not only NOT achieve continued increasing returns on your health, you
   could achieve diminishing returns even if you eat healthy food.

   See below to determine your metabolic body type and proper balance (women shown first, and then men).


   Your Portions Profile will be discussed after the men's body types.

Women's Body Types and Proper Balances


Men's Body Types and Proper Balance


Your Portions Profile: Pulling it all Together

Your "Portions Profile" breaks down portions within your proper balance. These portions show you how much of what to eat over a day, and they are very distinct. 

For example, the images below compare the Portions Profile for a 60-year-old, 140-lb. person with moderate activity depending on whether the person is a Body Type 1 or Body Type 4.

Portions Profile -- Body Type 1

Portions Profile -- Body Type 4


The Body Type 1 Portions Profile has a lot more carb portions than the Body Type 4 Portions Profile.

The Body Type 4 Portions Profile has more protein portions, and a lot more fat portions, than the Body Type 1 Portions Profile.

If you were a Body Type 4 eating according to a Body Type 1 Portions Profile, you would be at risk of creating diminishing returns and symptoms, even if you are eating healthy food.

These Portions Profiles are part of the MyBestBody patented portions system. You will not find this system anywhere else.


When you register for MyBestBody, you answer a questionnaire, which determines your Body Type, Portions Profile, and food list for your specific body type.

MyBestBody shows you exactly what to do, step by step, to break through health barriers and plateaus, reduce or eliminate symptoms, and achieve peak mental and physical performance. 

MyBestBody and YOURBestBody in 2023!

Are you ready to crack your bioindividual nutrition code, break through health barriers and plateaus, reduce or eliminate symptoms, and achieve peak mental and physical performance?

Then you are ready for MyBestBody! Take advantage of the New Year Special and get started now!


MyBestBody is normally $99 to join and $12.99 per month, and you can cancel any time. Join before New Years Day for just $79 total!

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