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For Fitness Centers


Offer your members a complete fitness and nutrition solution.

Fitness and nutrition are two side of the same coin.


They are a natural pairing, and when you offer both, you set yourself apart from your competitors and add great value for your members and employees by significantly increasing their ability to achieve their wellness goals.

MyBestBody is unlike any other nutrition offering. When you offer MyBestBody, your members and employees get ...

  • A patented system that is not available anywhere else,

  • A fun and empowering self-paced option that fits busy lives with zero pressure or intimidation,

  • Live zoom group coaching and a private Facebook page to feel connected and get quick answers to questions, 

  • A proven, step-by-step nutrition solution that is affordable and accessible to everyone, and

  • Special club pricing.

And you get a ...


  • Complete turnkey program that requires minimum effort to offer,

  • Revenue stream for your club based on commissions of up to 70%, and

  • Very flexible program that can be used in many creative ways, such as a guide for your trainers in their nutrition coaching, fun and inspiring 90-day challenges, and a self-paced option for individual members.

Contact Aileen, and let's talk about possibilities to expand your high-value offerings to your members AND your revenues in a very simple and streamlined way.

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