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Your Customized Nutrition Solution


Elevate Your Fitness Results with MyBestBody's Patented, Customized Nutrition Solution!

"Crack the code" to healthy eating for your unique needs.

Get the knowledge, skills, tools and guidance to break
through plateaus and health barriers for life.

Make it fun, exciting, and simple!

To reach your goal of being strong, vital, and healthy for the rest of your life, you know you need both exercise AND sound nutrition. After all, they are flip sides of the same coin!

So, to give you everything you need to succeed, we are thrilled to partner with MyBestBody to bring you a breakthrough online nutrition program that is customized to your unique needs, easily doable on your timeline with zero pressure or intimidation, fun and inspiring, and the only nutrition system in the world with a patented portions system for metabolic healing.

What You Get With MyBestBody

  • Your patented, customized "Portions Profile," which tells you how much of what to eat for your unique needs,

  • Your customized Food List, which includes your Power Foods and Trigger Foods,

  • Your Body Type Blueprint, which explains your unique body type and macronutrient (carbs/protein/fat) balance,

  • The Eat2Heal Video Series, which teaches you how to make healthy food choices easily and automatically,

  • A complete system for "healthifying" your favorite meals, so you always eat the foods you love.

  • The MyBestBody Wellness App, where you 1) track your food and progress with "one-click" tracking, 2) create healing meals balanced to your unique needs, and 3) download delicious recipes from the Recipe Bank.

  • Weekly Zoom group sessions and private Facebook page for Q&A, demos, fun activities, connection and accountability.

Just For You -- Special Club Pricing!

One-time $79 join fee (reg. $99),

$12.99 per month (reg. $17.99),

Month to month, cancel anytime

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