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About Aileen and MyBestBody

Aileen Thomas, CEO of MyBestBody


Hi, I'm Aileen Thomas, founder and CEO of MyBestBody, creator of the patented MyBestBody portions system, holistic nutritionist, and blackbelt health nut. 😉😉😉


Welcome to my website and to my "wellness sanctuary," where I will be your virtual guide in teaching you how to break through wellness barriers and reach new heights in your mental and physical health!

Aileen Thomas

MBA, Santa Clara University

Certified Nutrition Educator,

Bauman College

You may be here because you've reached a plateau in your health that you can't break through. Or you’ve been healthy most of your life, but over the last few years you've developed some concerning and uncomfortable symptoms, such as excess fat, fatigue, brain fog, rashes, or gut problems.


For all the strides you’ve made, there seems to be a missing piece to your wellness puzzle keeping you from getting to that next level.

Here, you will break through barriers

If this resonates, you are in the right place!

In my life, I've been both debilitatingly sick and the picture of vital health. I started out in this life with lots and lots of health problems that got worse as I got older. These included ADHD, a severe underweight problem, chronic fatigue, year-round allergies, sinusitis, “peeling” lips, whole-body candida, heartburn, nausea, acne, gut problems galore, headaches, body rashes, joint pain, dry eyes, and muscle weakness.

On my healing journey, I learned that 95% of all my chronic symptoms stemmed from my diet. Over time, I broke through what seems like countless barriers to overcome these “scourges,” as I called them, and reached a level of strength, energy and vitality that I never thought possible – and I have sustained it.

Cracking your Bioindividual Nutrition Code

I have also learned that achieving peak performance, whatever your starting point, takes a particular set of skills and knowledge – that is, there is a code to crack

MyBestBody is all about cracking your bioindividual nutrition code. 

The most fundamental principle underlying lifelong optimal health is bioindividuality -- that is, there is NO cookie-cutter solution.


There are three overarching components of bioindividuality embedded into MyBestBody:

  • Your body type,

  • Your specific Food List  (not all healthy food is healthy for you), and

  • Your proper balance and portions.  

These three core components are interrelated, and each is absolutely critical to cracking your unique code.


In particular, my proprietary portions system, which I created over 7 years and for which I received a patent, is a cornerstone of MyBestBody. 

My experience in working with clients is that virtually no one understands any of these, and yet, they are so often the missing pieces to the wellness puzzle!

You are invited…

I extend a warm invitation to you to join the MyBestBody family, crack your bioindividual nutrition code, and break through the barriers that brought you here to achieve and sustain that higher level of health and vitality you’ve been seeking.

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!



Patent for the MyBestBody portions system

©2022 by MyBestBody LLC

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